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Late to the Party – Crusader Kings II

31 Jul

Crusdaer Kings 2 Logo

First off, this is not a review of this game, I have not played it nearly enough for me to feel I could confidently review it, this is me reacting to the game. I purchased Crusader Kings II a good long while ago on a random steam sale. In my impressive backlog of games I need to still play, it was one of many that I had heard was worth a look. When I first attempted to play it the bizarre UI and the broken Tutorials turned me off fast, I had a lot of other games to work through and I just wasn’t quite dedicated enough to it to work through it at the time and uninstalled it. Continue reading

I must admit… I Pre-ordered an XboxOne

28 Jul


Now before the pitchforks, torches a tears come out. Let me start this off by giving a bit of background about me. I would describe myself as a “PC first” gamer. I have a 360 and a PS3, my ex even had a wii we played like 3 times and then locked away in a closet. In the current console generation, I tended to play a few exclusives on each side, I played my sports games on the 360 (FIFA, NCAA Football, UFC), so I wouldn’t say I have much of a stake in either of the next gen systems. Continue reading

Way too Late Video Game Review – Civilization V – Brave New World

27 Jul


The Completion of a Masterpiece

Civilization V has been a more than worthy standard bearer of the Civilization series, yes it originally lacked a few systems from previous iterations, but it was a polished game with a few fresh ideas that made it a good Civ, if not the best. Brave New World changed that and with it Civ 5 becomes the high watermark for the legendary strategy franchise. Continue reading

Sexy Debate Time Podcast – Ep. Three – Anthony Weiner, Comic Con, & Jerk Film Critics

26 Jul

Welcome to the third episode of Sexy Debate TIme. This episode we talk about Anthony Weiner and his unwanted selfies.  Bobby talks about The Wolverine and has a run in with a asshole film critic. Realizes he might hate British people. We talk Comic Con news and wonder if it matters. Plus so many other things.

Eunomia (T4)
By Nijsse

rnb beat-CAB
by EmpireMusic

Sexy Debate Time Podcast – Ep. Two – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Trayvon Martin, and….ummm….Video Games

19 Jul

Be ware, this episode, we talk about some heavy stuff….and fail to understand any of it. This includes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, the reaction from the George Zimmerman trail, and bullshit internships. We also talk about video games because we to smile again….

Eunomia (T4)
By Nijsse

rnb beat-CAB
by EmpireMusic

Sexy Debate Time Podcast – Ep. One – Pacific Rim And Other Stuff

12 Jul

Here is the first episode of Sexy Debate Time. Barge and Bobby talk about Grand Theft Auto V, Ellen Page, Review Pacific Rim, and the marketing problems of some recent summer blockbusters.

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Eunomia (T4)
By Nijsse

rnb beat-CAB
by EmpireMusic

Bobby’s Movie Review – Pacific Rim

10 Jul

Pacific Rim will not only entertain the 12-year-old in you but actually 12-year-olds! 

Robots beat up giant monsters. Did I mention these robots are giant as well? Sorry, I didn’t say that earlier. It’s a hard aspect of Pacific Rim to forget as it is the true focal point of the film. Giant robots beat up giant monsters to save the world. That is pretty much it. But that is not to say that movie is dumb or low in quality. In the aftermath of films like The Dark Knight or The Bourne Identity, there has been a question of whether summer popcorn flicks should take a more serious, realistic, and adult-theme incarnation. The answer is yes, sort of. Those films should still be opening in cinemas and should be engaging not just younger but older audience as well. But sometimes….that serious shit can go fuck itself! Maybe all I want is a giant robot to punch a giant monster (or Kaiju) in the face while eating overpriced buttered popcorn! Continue reading