I must admit… I Pre-ordered an XboxOne

28 Jul


Now before the pitchforks, torches a tears come out. Let me start this off by giving a bit of background about me. I would describe myself as a “PC first” gamer. I have a 360 and a PS3, my ex even had a wii we played like 3 times and then locked away in a closet. In the current console generation, I tended to play a few exclusives on each side, I played my sports games on the 360 (FIFA, NCAA Football, UFC), so I wouldn’t say I have much of a stake in either of the next gen systems.The point I am trying to make, is that if you are not married to either system, you really start to have a hard time differentiating them. Like so many gamers following E3, I was about ready to give SONY my bank account, but I waiting for a minute before pre-ordering a PS4 in a moment of impulsive consumerist zeal. I literally said to a few friends that night, ” I am going to give Microsoft about 2 weeks, before they realized what they did and reverse all of if not most of their disastrous e3 announcements, if not I will definitely pre-order a PS4 and never look back. We all saw the shades of the PS3 launch E3 show, the arrogance, the belief that we will buy whatever they send out because we are the gamers and they are the companies.

Sure enough Microsoft caved into the pressure applied not just by the gamers, but the media as well, in particular Angry Joe brought the fire down on Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb. So that helps level the playing field a little bit for me, I can just look and the systems and more importantly the games.

Now as much as everyone has been drooling over “next gen” graphics through all of this as a PC gamer, I have been playing with “Next Gen” graphics for about 2-3 years now, so that doesn’t really drag me one way or the other. Both consoles basically offer the same types of stuff in terms of hardware, the PS4 is a bit more powerful, but how well developers exploit that power is yet to be seen. I don’t really care that much about all of the TV stuff that Microsoft is trying to build the Xbox One into. As for the KINECT2 or 1 or whatever it is called now. I would buy an X1 without it, if given the chance. However, I am a bit curious to see what developers do with it now that every X1 will ship with a Kinect. Kinect games on the Xbox 360 sucked, but there is a good reason for that when you think about it. When the Kinect came out, it wasn’t adopted very well, developers who went in on Kinect had to make games that were tailored to “non-core gamers”, the type of people who were actually excited for a Kinect. Now that the Kinect will be on every Xbox One, Developers will have greater incentive to use to the thing in meaningful gameplay. I am not saying that it will happen, but I am saying that it is much more likely and if it doesn’t I won’t really care all that much.

The one super positive about both consoles is that they are moving to a more PC like architecture, which will hopefully result in easier development PC games for traditionally console only studios (LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU ROCKSTAR)

Now there has been a good amount of buzz about the KINECT spying on people. To that I say, if you have a social media profile, you are already being spied upon, so don’t even worry about it. Fact is we all should have figured out by now, that we are all being recorded and spied on most of our lives and Google glass hasn’t even released yet…

Really for me it all boils down to the games. When I look at the Launch titles for the Xbox One and the PS4, I notice one thing quickly. For me at least, there isn’t a lot of difference between them, except for one game. All of my sports games are launching on both so no difference there. You can pretty much rule out any shooter for me, I will just play that on PC… oh Titanfall is a X1 exclusive, no I am good I hate Call of Duty…  Oh what about Skylanders: Swap Force on the PS4… no just no.

The only console exclusive launch that really reaches me and any brand loyalty I have in the console world is Forza 5 and my god does it look good.forza5 Yes DriveClub looks interesting as well. But in a time when I am looking for a launch game to make me say. I need to play that the day it comes out, Forza throws me into a Bugatti Veyron and drives off with me. They were the only developer that actually brought something cool with the now revoked “Always Online” feature of the Xbox One. Downloaded driver AI, where the game records your driving style and then uses it to populate others races to give a more human feel to CPU racers. Brilliant! Actually using online capabilities to MAKE YOUR GAME BETTER, if only Microsoft just let the guys at Turn 10 talk about that feature first…

So for me at least my pre-order money was decided on Forza 5 simply because the PS4 lacked that exclusive that made me need it right away. Will I get a PS4? Yeah as long Naughty Dog  and  Quantic Dream still in Sony’s pocket, but for right now I don’t see a game that makes me need a launch PS4.

Also I can’t wait to see what Nintendo does to get into the next gen race, next year… oh wait, what was that bobby… they are already in the next gen? How?

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