Sexy Debate Time – Ep. 43 – Xbox One, X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review, & “I Will Be Your Champion!”

22 May

Another week and another episode of the Sexy Debate Time Podcast. So much to talk about on this one. First, the SDT crew talk the Xbox One price reduction. This leads Barge and Bobby talking about the future of the gaming console. How many generations do Sony and Microsoft really have left? Will PC gaming take over the world? Don’t know, the crew is mostly talking out of their ass.

Plus, the crew review X-Men: Days Of Future Past. It is pretty much just naked Jennifer Lawrence, naked Hugh Jackman, time travel, Vietnam, Tyrion Lannister, cool cloths, badass robots, and BOOM POWERS! As the crew does every week, they also give their thoughts on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. AKA the episode where we learned to love the bi-sexual Antonio Banderas character. Enjoy!


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By Air-guitar9

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