Sexy Debate Time – Ep. 46 – Casey Kasem, E3, and The Watchers On The Wall

13 Jun

The Sexy Debate Time podcast is here yet again! The SDT crew open with some sad news. They pay tribute to one of the legends of the radio business, Casey Kasem. It is safe to assume that Mr. Kasem does not have long for this earth and the crew will like to talk about this great man.

In less sad new, E3 happened. Yep, Bobby and Barge have to talk all the E3 news from the past week. This includes Tom Clancy’s The Division, Destiny, and new Zelda. On that last point, did Nintendo just gave everyone a reason to buy a Wii U? Meh…..

Of course, the crew has to talk about the epic episode of Game Of Thrones. The Watchers On The Wall vs. Blackwater. Which is the better balltle? The crew talks that plus what they think will happen in season four’s final episode on Sunday. Enjoy!


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By Air-guitar9

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