Sexy Debate Time – Ep. 48 – #IBelieve, Transformers Review, The Last Ship, & Valiant Hearts

27 Jun

The Sexy Debate Time podcast has another episode apparently. The theme of this episode is defining crappy stuff. Seriously, the crew somehow find themselves defining some terrible things. Some are good, some not so good.

First off, Barge and Bobby give congrats to the US men soccer team for advancing in the World Cup. #IBelieve. Who else wants to cosplay as Tim Howard? Then the crew talk the new TNT show, The Last Ship. Yep, they actually watched it. Thus begins the trend of defining bad things. Of course, a show Executive Produced by Michael Bay leads into Bobby’s review of Transformers: Age Of Extinction. AKA stop trolling these films. Nothing you have to say is not gonna change anything. For our E3 consideration, Barge reviews Valiant Hearts. A new WWI game that is available in PC and PS4. So….Enjoy!


Bedtime Stories

By Air-guitar9

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