Sexy Debate Time – Ep 76 – Harrison Ford, HBO NOW, GDC, & Welcome To Alexandra

7 Mar

The SDT podcast is back! First off, Harrison Ford crash lands the millennium falcon…no that’s not right…his plane. Of course, Ford is the man and lands his plane like Han Solo.

Somehow the crew talks about PBR; when you should and shouldn’t drink it. Barge also talk about GHC and valve. In the world of the gaming, this the year of “here is our stuff for FREE, use it!”

Speaking of “using our stuff,” Bobby addresses the HBO NOW rumors. Will it work? Is $15 a month reasonable? Of course, the crew takes a tour of the lovely new living arrangements of Rick & the gang. Alexandra, a place of new beginnings…and weak people. Enjoy!


Bedtime Stories

By Air-Guitar9


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